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Innovating Inside the Box

The World has so many boxes. Do you know which one people are talking about when they say, "Think outside the box"? George Couros challenges educators to innovate inside the box. After all, what if my outside the box is still inside your box? It's rather arbitrary and a fleeting way to inspire new thoughts. This session focuses on the different physical and conceptual boxes we've created and how to succeed within our boxes. 

Tags: innovative practice, mobile age health and safety, technology integration 

Labels Education Needs to Stop Using

Word beget thoughts that beget behaviors. For example, the word "cover" is used in education far too much. It means to obscure from view or to address particular material. We often use it to mean the latter because it would be strange to think that learning would be easy if the content is obscured from view. To "cover" the material, however, also has its issues. It has a sense of urgency that doesn't seem like the lesson will spend much time on individual pieces of content for the fear of not getting to the end. Do you really want any of this nonsense going on in a classroom?

Danger of a Single Tool

The leaves rustle in the expanding African savanna and early humans had to decide whether to run and increase their potential to survive or go check it out and increase their potential to die. We are the descendants of those how chose, more often than not, to run to safety without all of the information. The sound of rustling leaves in the context of potentially becoming prey has a particular significance created by people who wanted to survive, right or wrong.

In education, we are falling prey to the people who do things because it's the way it's always been done. 

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